• GEMt Dry Needles

    $15.99 Ex GST
    GEMt Dry Needles are designed and manufactured specifically for Dry Needling and are TGA approved.
  • Dry Needling Informed Consent Brochure

    $230.00$710.00 Ex GST
    Custom designed 'Informed Consent Brochure' to protect both you and your patients. Save time & money on graphic design, editing, and printing - our team will look after it all! Available in quantities between 250 - 2000.  
  • The point stimulator is an advanced, user-friendly unit, used to apply percutaneous electrical stimulation to a body region.
  • Wartenburg Pinwheel

    $18.00 Ex GST
    Wartenberg pinwheel or Wartenberg neurowheel, is a medical device for neurological use to test nerve reactions (sensitivity) as it rolled systematically across the skin. Made of stainless steel with a handle of approximately seven inches in length. The wheel, which has evenly-spaced radiating sharp pins, rotates as it is rolled across the flesh.
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    This beautiful trigger point educational tool includes two charts: Trigger Points: Torso and Trigger Points: Extremities. Each chart illustrates and labels the muscles affected by trigger points, and shows trigger point locations with primary and secondary pain sensitive zones. Each chart includes a legend that explains how to identify particular trigger points and their pain zones. This edition has updated images and improved content organisation to maximise visual impact. The torso chart shows trigger points of the upper torso and shoulder, posterior deep and anterior-posterior pain referral guide. The extremities chart shows upper extremity, lower extremity, and head and neck trigger points.
    • Authentic Anatomical Chart Company product!
    • Measures 20 x 26 inches
    • Great for studies and patient consultation
    • Printed in the United States