GEMt Dry Needles

GEMt Dry Needles

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GEMt Dry Needles are designed and manufactured specifically for Dry Needling and are TGA approved.

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GEMt Dry Needles now come equipped with four unique features

  • Longer Handle – Allowing for greater control of the needle and provides for a deeper needle tap that ensures a painless needle insertion.
  • Clear Labelling – GEMt boxes come clearly labelled on multiple panels, so you no longer have to rotate the packaging to check if you have the correct size needle. This feature not only saves you time but enhances the safety of the procedure.
  • Rounded Canister – Your patients won’t jump anymore when you press the canister onto their skin, as GEMt canisters have smooth, rounded tips for patient comfort.
  • Finer Needle Tip – Enhanced tapered needle tip for minimal patient discomfort

100 Needles Per Box
.30mm Diameter
TGA approval #302789

Clinician Reviews

The needles have been fantastic since you first released them and the current revision is even better. I appreciate that I can use them every time I treat and seeing GEMt on the packaging helps to keep the wonderful techniques I have learnt through your course foremost in my mind. — Charles Colen Jun 7, 2021

Just wanted to let you know quickly I LOVE THE NEEDLES! They are great, I didn’t find it too tricky to get used to the longer handle, in-fact it made it a lot easier. Overall I’m very happy and have had some great feedback from my clients too; especially with the guide tube having rounded edges – great work! — Alex Winch Feb 5, 2019

Improved Manufacturing Updates to GEMt Needles

GEMt is always seeking ways to deliver ‘best quality’ and we have now successfully reshaped the GEMt needle. You can see from the magnified images our latest needle batch is far more streamlined as the needle shaft tapers to an even thinner more refined needle tip. This update makes our needles (coupled with their longer handle) even more user friendly, ensuring needle entry is as painless as possible; Enhancing the end-user and clinical experience.

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