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Dry Needling Patient Information Brochure – Informed Consent

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Custom designed ‘Informed Consent Brochure’ to protect both you and your patients.

Save time & money on graphic design, editing, and printing – our team will look after it all! Available in quantities between 250 – 2000.


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The GEMt Dry Needling ‘Patient Information Brochure – Informed Consent’ is designed to protect the most important person in the treatment room; The Clinician.

On our Dry Needling courses, we discuss how to provide Informed Consent adequately.  In short, you need to allow your patient time to understand and reflect upon the information you have provided. This brochure is an informative resource that can assist you in this process at your clinical practice.

Whether you are a GEMt graduate or not, our team can customise the Informed Consent Brochure to use in your clinic that matches your logo, brand and business image. We even look after the printing & delivery!


Ordering is easy!

STEP 1: Order online the quantity you require, and we’ll send you an email with requests for your logo, images, clinic contact details and other customisation options (e.g. fonts).

STEP 2: We’ll send you a digital proof of your brochure design for review/approval.

STEP 3: Once approved, we will arrange for the printing and delivery of your brochures.

And when you need more, we offer reduced rates for reordering!

*Currently Online Orders Only Available for Australia / New Zealand

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