What feedback do we get from our patients

For those that have done our GEMt courses, you will all remember some of our catch cry’s. One of them being: ‘You are not dating your patient, you are treating them’. So what does this mean and why is it relevant to dry needling? When answering this question [...]

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Use of Electrical Stimulation in the Presence of Metal

Have you ever wanted to dry needle someone who has implanted metal in that region? This might be from previous internal fixation, surgical clips, pacemaker, implanted spinal cord stimulator or other surgical procedure? To go one step further, have you ever wanted to use an electrical stimulator or [...]

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What age is too old to dry needle?

Have you ever had an older patient you wanted to needle? Ever wondered if you could needle them? What is considered old, or rather what is considered too old for needling? Is there a cut off point at which we would no longer needle a patient? To re-iterate [...]

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How many needles is too many

This question comes up from time to time on our courses. How many needles or needle insertions we should say would we typically use in a treatment session. And most importantly how many needles is too many? Maybe we should add to this list is how many needles [...]

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Blood borne pathogens

How does the procedure alter if my patient has a blood borne pathogen? All GEMt course graduates will remember the significant safety components of the GEMt course. Before we address the answer to this question, why don’t we refresh some of these main safety components: Gloves- why do [...]

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How often to dry needle

This is a question we regularly get at our courses. How often would we dry needle a patient? Do we treat everyone at the same interval and if not what are the considerations with our reasoning? In answering this question it is important to explain that clinical reasoning [...]

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How to deal with the Skeptical Patient

We have all seen this in our career. The patient who seems sceptical of our recommended treatment approach, in this case dry needling. They aren’t necessarily fearful of the process and I am not referring to patients that are prone to vasovagal responses during or after needles. I [...]

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Muscles to Relieve Needle Anxiety

We have all seen patients that agree to be needled, understand the process, want to get better, yet still have some underlying anxiety about the process. They might even say to you, just do it, don’t tell me too much or ignore my screams. Clearly, we need to give [...]

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